Andrew Bilkins (person_thought) wrote,
Andrew Bilkins

Was having an Email conversation with my friend today...

Yes, I was having an Email conversation with one of my friends today who edits articles for Amnesty International. He's a great fellow, and we agree on almost everything regarding North Korea, but he said something that kind of irritated me:

"N. Korea should be there for all to study as a perfect example of why NOT to go Communist. The only problem I have about them is that they will not allow the press in to expose their wonderful system to the rest of the world."

As for North Korea not allowing the press in--I completely agree with him. They should open up--by force if necessary. Of course, the typical liberal crypto-commie jackass (like Michael Moore), in defence of the hell-hole that is North Korea, will probably say something along the lines of, "But the US is always trying to get its personell into North Korea." Notice their anti-Americanism. The fact of the matter is, North Korea does not have the right to treat journalists as potential spies who want to travel inside North Korea to plan how to attack North Korea just as CIA assets participating in the weapons inspections in Iraq had helped George Bush attack Iraq later. Because that's a bunch of nonsense!!

But I am digressing. What irritated me about this was this idea that we should just go ahead and let the North Koreans do whatever they want--starve their own people, build nuclear weapons which they could use to nuke Japan or even themselves (that's how sadistic Kim Jong-il is). He is one of those people whose firm conviction it is that we should just continue with the sanctions, continue with the economic strangulation, etc., gradually strangulating and starving the regime into submission. Don't get me wrong--that's important as well. But it shouldn't go on indefinitely. We should complete the process by invading the country, or nuking it altogether.

He forgets about China, the growing super power. He forgets that we must contain it before its too late. He forgets that North Korea is key to this. That the threat of North Korea--or at least the collective perception of North Korea as such--is key to US hegemony in the region.

We must not let the Workers' Party of Korea stand in power for another fifty years. Even if we must nuke it. To sit back and watch would be a crime against humanity. We must act now.
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