Andrew Bilkins (person_thought) wrote,
Andrew Bilkins


Food shortages are a HUGE problem in North Korea. I personally believe that Kim Jong-il, the sadistic dictator he's always been, is [i]purposefully[/i] starving his own people for his own sick enjoyment. Just like Stalin before him.

Of course, the typical anti-American crypto-commie jackass will try to convince me otherwise by citing a bunch of so-called "scientific data" regarding North Korea's susceptibility to "natural disasters", or the dearth of "fertile soil" in North Korea, or the loss of "trading partners" after the "collapse of communism", or he will list the "sanctions" and the difficulty of North Korea of importing good on "commercial terms" as an important factor, or what have you.

But I ask all of those of American or Korean acquaintance, is it not true that, [i]whatever the cause[/i], it is God's punishment for the evils that go on in North Korea -- namely, starvation, dictatorship, cannibalism, kim jong il using babies for target practice and killing all triplets in the country, killing the eldery, killing disabled people, and so on? Is it not punishment for their undying drive to threaten us innocent Americans with another disastrous war ? My answer to both questions is a passionate [i]affirmative.[/i] We need to starve them all into submission for their crimes, invade them, kill their leader, and instate free market capitalism.

We can effect further economic downturns by strengthening the sanctions; this can lead to the collapse of the regime. Verily, it has already resulted in a very limited input of fertilisers, quality seeds, and a limited capacity for the rogue state to import food on commercial terms--causing further starvation. To list only a few things.

We must continue with this. And we must also continue to prevent North Korea from acquiring fuels for energy production by, for example, denying them oil deliveries.

Why? Two reasons, actually:

(1) lack of energy is deleterious to every part of the economy;

(2) it will make them want to resort to alternative sources of energy, namely nuclear energy. This is good, because it gives us an excuse to invade the country--strengthening US hegenomy in East Asia and facilitating the containment of China.

All of this will conduce to the inevitable collapse of the regime, allowing us to take over, convert the people to Christianity, and instate US-friendly free market capitalism. It is absolutely essential to maintain a threat of North Korea, to demonize the leaders, to sensationize rumours. Thus, Kim Jong-il [i]himself[/i] caused the famine, and is starving [i]his own[/i] people!
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