Andrew Bilkins (person_thought) wrote,
Andrew Bilkins

Nuke North Korea !

I have a seething hatred for North Korea. I believe it must be liberated. It is the duty of the US government and American journalists alike to always and at every time maintain a threat of the evil rogue state so that we can eventually invade and topple the regime, convert the people to Christianity, and instate free market capitalism.

Maintaining a threat is extremely useful in terms of the continuance of U.S. hegemony in East Asia and, ultimately, the containment of China;--consistent with the project for a New American Century.

Anyone who speaks otherwise is un-American; he is a serpent, a deceiver, a betrayer, a communist: he speaks with a tongue of wanting, a tongue of jealousy, or a tongue of manipulation. But always he speaks with the tongue of anti-Americanism. To oppose US hegonomy in East Asia is to berate the American people, for American foreign policy is an avatar of the collective individuality of each and every American person. To berate American foreign policy is to curse the American people.
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